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Can you imagine losing the heat in your home hours before a snowstorm hits? It happened to Kathy, my mother and I on 2/16/2015! We had a service contract with a well-known HVAC company that couldn’t give us the time of day, even though the temperature was steadily dropping. We called Checkmark Air Specialists for help and they came to the rescue that day. Even in the snow, C.A.S.’s technician Nate was doing what he could to get us back online, to include working into the night in the elements. We had a follow-up visit that next morning from the master technician and the situation was grave: We needed a new unit. The well-known company had not been alerting us to the failures in our previous heat pump nor had been providing the maintenance they were contracted to perform, nor was the previous unit installed properly! That next day, on 2/18/2015, by 5:30pm we had a new unit installed by C.A.S. and the temperature is steadily rising back to normal. To boot, the unit will save us money on our propane bill based on its design (thanks, Shawn). We appreciate the speed, diligence, and effort to getting us our heat back that Checkmark Air Specialists (Chris, Shawn, Amasa, Nate, and Dan) provided with such professionalism and personal attention. We will recommend you to whoever we hear has an HVAC need from now onward!

Scott Cadwell

After getting a few different quotes we decided to go with CheckMark Air Specialists to Install our new heating and cooling system. The Technicians Sean, Nate, and Dan were extremely professional and courteous and the quality of their work was outstanding. It was the first time in as long as I can remember a company showing up to an appointment on time!, they were actually early! The attention to details and pride they take in their work was clearly obvious. The system we had installed is top quality. We could not be happier with our purchase, it was truly a pleasure. Our home has now been upgraded to the 21st century. I will recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you CheckMark!

Brian Olszyk

Awesome customer service and fantastic quality of work! The Checkmark Team walked us through what needed to get done, how much it would cost, and why. They were genuinely concerned about minimizing the amount of time my family would be without heat while doing the work because of the extreme cold weather. Despite the freezing temperatures the whole team showed up in full force. They removed old duct work and insulation, installed new vapor barrier, new insulation, and new duct work all in the same day! They got after it and did a great job. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for great customer service and quality work done in a timely manner.

Carroll Collins